About Us
IP Protection & CSR
Intellectual Property Protection

Because we remain in complete control of your product throughout the entire manufacturing process, Mecca can ensure Intellectual Property Protection through a rigorous combination of security systems, manufacturing procedures, and staff training.

Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)

As a company, CSR is vitally important.  Mecca will do the following to create shared value for business thus benefit back to society

Environment:  Mecca acknowledges the importance of environmental protection and continuously review the operation to ensure that it is safe, efficient and environmentally conscious. Our factory has discipline guidelines to motivate the employees to attain the optimum environmental protection.

Step we ever taken is being deeply consideration, meant to reduce our carbon footprint for both the company and society.  We do no harm to the environment.

Ethical labor practices:  Mecca policies include nondiscrimination, no child or forced labor, equal opportunity and freedom from workplace harassment and violence.  We treat our employees as a part of the family, fairly and ethically.

Conflict Mineral

“Conflict minerals” has become the main financial source of armed rebel groups for trade arms, continue their bloody conflicts with government and ravage local civilians, thus causing international disputes.  Mecca will not accept and use metals from those conflict mining areas.